Watercolor: The Beginning

Montclair Art Museum Yard School of Art, April 12 - June 7, 11:30 AM - 2 PM, 4-Week SIGH-UP

This class for beginners will provide a comfortable, supportive environment to explore the world of watercolors. Various methods will be explored including painting wet on a dry surface, wet on a wet page, dry brush, splatter, and how a flat wash and gradation are done. Techniques will include salt, plastic wrap, scoring with a wooden stick, masking fluid, natural sponges and incorporating watercolor pencils into the paintings.


Introduction to Figure Drawing

The Ocean County Artists Guild, April 27th, 2021 - May 18th, 2021, 5:30 PM- 7:30 PM, 4-Week SIGH-UP


Previous Sessions:

The Ocean County Artists Guild, March 4, 2021 - March 25, 2021, 5:30 PM- 7:30 PM, 4-Week

The Ocean County Artists Guild, September 12th, 2019 - October 31st, 2019, 7:00 PM- 9:00 PM, 6-Week


Explore self-expression through drawing, with the figure as your muse.  Through observational and expressive figure drawing, students from any skill level, beginning to advanced, will learn the step by step approach to figure drawing.  The goal is to develop the ability to draw the figure with skill and imagination.  Upon completion of this class, students will create quick gesture drawings as well as finished pieces of artwork to take home with them.


Previous Session:

The Ocean County Artists Guild, September 14th, 2019 - October 19th, 2019, 1:30 PM- 3:30 PM, 6-Week


Discover the joy & possibilities of making beautiful  works of art with paper that you created!  You will have the opportunity to do basic sheet formation, and explore the various processes of combining natural materials, collage, stitching, printmaking, pulp painting and more to your art.  With emphasis on customization and your own artistic inquiries, you will leave this class with knowledge of how to create paper from start to finish, along with a stack of paper that can be used for other projects.  Get ready to stretch your artistic and technical skills and create unusual, beautiful works of art.  No experience necessary. Everyone is welcome.  

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