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The Angler Fish series addresses gender roles and sexual dimorphism of animals. 


Every time we criticize a body, saying that her boobs are too small or her thighs are too chubby, we are admitting to the existence of ideal body constructions. When it comes to the female figure, society’s canon of perfection is strict. We critique cellulite, muffin tops, and the natural occurrences that come with age, which, in an “ideal body”, are eliminated, airbrushed, and/or photoshopped. 


The dominance and power of the female angler fish and octopi contrasts with the idea that a women's worth relies solely on her appearance through a man's eye. Octopus and Angler Fish are examples of matriarchal species. Male angler fish are the size of a penny, and are entirely dependent on females to reach sexual maturity. The male meanders until he attaches himself to a female. He then atrophies into the female until he essentially becomes a parasite with male reproductive organs, available for the female to use when needed.

Female octopi will sometimes strangle their male partner after sex. 

By long habit, humans are less progressive. We do not see the female figure as a living organism, but as a design. By combining the anatomies of matriarchal animal species and human-beings, I play and explore the clout of the male libido in our male-dominated society.

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